A Court of Mist and Fury Review

A Court of Mist and Fury (A Court of Thorns and Roses, #2)

FifteenthWonder is one of my good friends in real life, and he bought me this book, so shoutout to him! Thank you!

Feyre has escaped from Under the Mountain, she is with the love of her life Tamlin, and she is supposed to be happy. However, she is plagued with nightmares of the horrors under the mountain, and she has a permanent tattoo on her hand, as you can see in the picture, reminding her of the fact that eventually Rhysand is going to call in his favor of visiting him for one week a month. Tamlin is worried about her more and more, because of some random danger in the land, so he allows her out less and less. When it is their wedding day, Feyre is scared out of her mind, and begs in her mind for someone to come and save her, and all of a sudden Rhysand shows up and calls in the bargain, saying that he allowed her three months of freedom but that he absolutely must have her at his castle now. She hates Rhysand, but he doesn’t bother her besides his insistence that she must learn how to read, a fault that almost caused her to fail one of the trials Under the Mountain.

Tamlin becomes even more worried now that he thinks both Rhysand and possible enemies are after Feyre, and so he refuses to let her out at all, putting a shield over the house so she can’t leave. Feyre absolutely loses it, as this reminds her of the prison cell Under the Mountain, and succumbs to her powers until Mor, one of Rhysand’s friends comes to take her away. Rhysand then starts to show her the true Night Court, and Feyre starts to wonder where her true loyalties lie.

This book was huge. It didn’t feel huge though, and although it took me awhile to finish I enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I could talk more about my favorite parts of the book, since they were closer to the ends, but they are full of spoilers so it would be wrong for me to talk about them. I just have to say that although A Court of Thorns and Roses was amazing, this book was 10 times better, simply because of the character development.

Feyre has gone from being a human who had some strength but was mostly helpless against the Faeries to being a High Fae herself due to the other high Fae bestowing those drops of light. She has many powers that will be tapped into throughout this book. She also shows that she refuses to be the caged and protected princess. She wants to be out there, doing things to help other people, even when she is brand new in her powers. And whether she is afraid of being locked up or just doesn’t want to be for her own pride, she really comes into her own through the book. Even though Rhysand saves her…technically twice, she doesn’t rely on him throughout the novel.

Rhysand. Oh my goodness. I will talk more about him in my Court of Wings and Ruin review since the good bits are all spoilers.

Tamlin just degrades in this book. He was always considered the perfect boyfriend in the first one, but this book shows that someone who may have been considered perfect at first may not actually be the best choice in the end.

THIS BOOK IS NOT YA. It is New Adult. There are about….4 really sexual bits in this book, but there are a lot of adult themes scattered throughout including quite a bit of gore. If The Mortal Instruments is considered YA and people read it in middle school, this would have to be New Adult because 12 year olds are just not mature enough to read that kind of materiel. However, for older teens, or young adults, this is a perfect book. The story is amazing, and the characters are just wonderful. Everyone read this book.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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