Man Vs. Beast (CHERUB Book #5)

Man vs. Beast: Mission 6 (Cherub Series) by Robert ...

Sorry that there are no songs for this book, but I read it completely at school and so I was not able to listen to music whilst reading it. Hopefully when I have time to read at home with my music again, I will have more songs to put on this list.

James, Kyle, and Lauren must go on a mission with another radical terrorist group, somewhat like Help Earth from the last book, except this group is against animal consumption, experimentation, and mass breeding. There are two groups, one named the Animal Freedom Militia, who are attacking people who work at scientific facilities that test on animals, and are gaining confidence by the day. There is also a second group run by the only man who knows about their operation, an man who is currently on parole. It is the Cherubs’ job to infiltrate and help shut down the Animal Freedom Militia, while covering themselves by being members of the second organization.

These books seem to be just getting better and better for me. There was no fake girlfriends in this book, they expanded upon Kyle being gay thus giving the series more of an LGBT representation, and the mission seemed to be something that could truly happen today. I enjoyed reading this book for every second that I spent doing so, and I didn’t want to stop hearing about the adventures of Kyle, James, and Lauren. My favorite part of this book was definitely when they had to rescue and wash puppies that were kept captive under sickening conditions in a kennel. This, as it could easily be based off of real life events, reminded me why it is important to fight for the closure of these kennels and the protection of these animals who did not ask for the horrible lives they are forced to live there.

I recommend this book to anyone looking for an action-packed spy novel, but I would recommend that you read the rest of the series first. Although it can be very inappropriate and offensive at times, even coming from the “mouths” of 11-13 year old kids, it is definitely necessary to read those novels in order to see and appreciate the growth of these characters.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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