200 Followers! Thank you all!

Emily and Her Camera: February 2014

I don’t even know what to say! Just a few short months ago, I was happy to have 100 followers, and a few before that, I was happy to have 10. Even with my long break during the summer, and my inconsistency with posting, you all have managed to get me to 200 followers! I’m so excited, and I thank you all.

As I head towards college, I see more and more of my time being freed. I started blogging to be able to have somewhere to share my thoughts and ideas about books, but now it has become so much more than that. I find myself with friends whom I never thought I would have before. I am also improving my writing skills daily and am improving my reading speeds, which I never thought I would be able to do before.

Lately, I have been feeling unhappy with myself, thinking everything that I do is not good enough. Even though those I know in real life think I am some sort of model student/child/friend, I always see and feel that someone is better than me, that I am not worthy of the praise. I always try to work on “fixing” myself, and am pretty hard on myself when I do not see improvement. However, when I blog, I find myself being unable to constantly compare myself to anyone. I enjoy seeing the hard work of others, and draw inspiration to improve my own site. I also receive positive comments and likes from you guys, which helps me gain motivation in order to write more. All of this has helped me through a difficult summer, and helped me as I finish my senior year. I have self-confidence that I never experienced before, and I have even managed to create friendships that are positive instead of draining.

Depressing stuff aside, I am considering what I want to do with my blog. And I want to announce that I am considering starting a story of my own on Wattpad either in or before November. Here is a link to my Wattpad account, even if the story doesn’t work out, I still plan to do something on there.


Thank you for supporting me for all this time! I hope to continue to make you all happy, and here’s to another 100 followers!

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