Freya Snow White Review (Book #2)

White (Freya Snow Book 2) by [Mawson, L.C.]

Freya Snow thought that things were going to start calming down, and that her biggest issue would be her one sided crush on Damon. However, soon people in the town have things happen to them that seem to be straight out of fairy tales. For example a girl runs from her prom at midnight, losing her shoe, and a girl pricks her finger and ends up in a coma. Even Freya herself is dealing with changes to her life, as her formerly kind foster mother turns abusive towards her. Now it is up to Freya to discover who is making the lives of the people of her town into fairytales, and how to stop them before someone dies.

This story reminded me a lot of Once Upon a Time, which is good because I loved Once Upon A Time. I love hearing about fairy tales and how they could be implemented or how they apply to the current world, and this story definitely delved into this. The series is definitely not losing its shine as the books go on, and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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