Love Sucks and then You Die Review (Eve & Adam 0.5)

Love Sucks and Then You Die (Eve and Adam, #0.5)

This short story gives us another view into the mind of EV, or Eve. It takes place over her prom night, when she punches her date for trying to kiss her. That’s basically the entire story, as it is exactly 18 page turns on the Kindle app on my phone.

Aislin is included within this story, but it is simply portraying her as a “drunken slut” again, and not showing any of her real inner qualities at all.

I think that this prequel was supposed to spice up Eve a bit by giving her a semi-interesting backstory. However, the entire scene seems completely out of character for her. If anything, I would have expected for her to run away, not punch him in the face. Nevertheless, my biggest problem was simply the fact that it is called a prequel, yet I have literally read chapters of fanfiction longer than this.

I don’t recommend it.

Overall Rating: 1/5

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