Post #300, And 300 Followers!

Thank you to everyone who has followed me recently! This weekend has been super stressful for me, as I had a band performance on Thursday, a book club meeting and school fundraiser/game on Friday, a meeting on Saturday, and then church on Sunday. On top of this, my midterms start on Monday, so I wanted to set aside a little bit of time to study for those. I just KNEW that I would have no time to myself in order to blog, and I was worried that I would get completely off track for my comment goals of the year. Instead, I found myself inching closer and closer to 300 followers, and I knew that I just HAD to post something this morning. Then, this morning, I was already at 301 and received a notification saying that my stats were “booming” as people liked and commented on my posts. This has filled me with just enough energy to get through the rest of my week, and I thank you all for supporting me for this past year!

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