Cowboy’s Redemption ARC Review

Cowboy's Redemption (The Montana Cahills, #4)18 months ago, Colt had a one-night stand that he can’t seem to get out of his mind. He hasn’t seen the woman since and doesn’t expect to ever see her again. When a woman comes running out of the woods one night, he sees that she seems to be distressed and asks her what’s wrong. To his surprise, it is the same woman that he had a one-night stand with. Lola claims that she was taken by the leader of a cult that her parents had been a part of and that she had a baby while in captivity. She is desperate for his help to reclaim their baby, and Colt must step up to save the daughter that he never got the chance to meet.

This book was a little iffy for me. The plot of saving the child from the cult was interesting, but I couldn’t truly get behind the romance. I understand, the two characters did have chemistry and had a family together. Their scenes where they acted as a family unit were sweet to read. But I still felt that there was something missing between the two of them that just made the romance seem dry to me.

Other than me not truly connecting with the characters, the story was amazing. I was definitely drawn in once we saw things from the cult leader’s POV, and truly got to see how crazed he had become. There were even some details given about his past and why he had created the group in the first place. I always love seeing the thoughts in the villain’s head, and while it did not justify what he did, the small details did make him feel more human than before.

There wasn’t an extreme amount of character development in my opinion, but Lola did transform from a rather timid woman to a brave woman determined to do anything necessary to save her child. Seeing this transformation was definitely a treat.

I also wish that some of the scenes had been described a bit more. It was hard to “see” how the cult’s compound differed from Colt’s house because of the lack of description. This is often lacking in short romance novels, but this one just seemed to have an excessive lack of setting.

Overall, I still enjoyed the book and would recommend it to lovers of adult romance novels with a bit of an action/adventure storyline added in.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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