Disgraced Review (Royal Cleaner Prequel)

Disgraced (The Royal Cleaner, #0)This prequel gives Lady’ Caroline’s backstory. She was happy with her girlfriend with the Wardens, and running away from her political responsibilities. She wasn’t even the oldest of the house, so she didn’t have an obligation to stay in the House that never really accepted her. Then, her brother dies unexpectedly, and she has to leave the only place that she ever felt happy to return to the living hell that she grew up in. The people of her house are probably not even going to accept her, due to the fact that she is Litcorde.

Before I start this review, I just want to let you all know that Litcorde in the Demon world is another word for autistic. I see in other reviews that some people got confused, and so I just wanted to clear this up for you guys.

This short novella truly allows the readers to see snippets of Caroline’s life that she would rather keep hidden from everyone. It helps you to understand why she might shut herself off from others, and explains why she hates Demon politics so much. It even gives some details about her family life before she left for the Wardens.

This also gives some insight into why she is so worried about having to leave Mina, with the story arc about her ex-girlfriend.

The plot moves quickly as in any novella, but it is definitely not too fast that it is a pointless read. Even though it is shorter than LC Mawson’s full-length stories, it is not so short that it took me 15 minutes to read. I still felt that I had been spending time with real characters in another world for the time that I spent reading it.

Also, the worldbuilding is definitely astounding. Until this point, we had never really gotten to see what the Demon politics truly looked like. Caroline always wanted to avoid it, and all the characters that were in it were side characters or villains. This short story allows the readers to see how the Demon world functioned, if only for a short while.

There wasn’t as much character development as usual, as the novel focuses on the things happening in young Caroline’s life. She hadn’t done much “developing” yet. If you compare it to the Freya Snow and Royal Cleaners series, you can see how she has changed since these events happened. But if you haven’t read those books yet, it is just a small snippet of Caroline’s life being shown.

I would recommend this prequel to lovers of fantasy and to people who are currently reading the books int he Snowverse universe.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars

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