Don’t Say Goodnight Review (Say Anything #1)

Don't Say Goodnight (Say Anything Book 1)
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Don’t Say Goodnight is the start of a short story series. Gabriel and Alicia Moore are struggling in their marriage, but only Alicia seems to be making an effort to fix things. She is going to marriage counseling meetings alone while Gabe stays out late at night. When she meets a new man that actually pays attention to her, she almost forgets to feel guilty for spending time with him. Little does she know; Gabriel is doing the same thing with a different woman across town at a bar.

Alicia and Gabriel seem to be very toxic for each other. One of them is willing to give up everything for a chance to save their marriage. The other is not even willing to do the bare minimum to keep the marriage together. I’m not sure if this incident where they both cheat on each other emotionally will make or break the marriage. It definitely didn’t help their situation.

This story was only around 60 pages long, and I don’t believe that I truly got attached to either character. I didn’t feel emotionally invested in them at all. When things started to get hectic, I wasn’t even worried about them. I think that if I had gotten the chance to know each character outside of fighting for their relationship, I would have gotten to like them as people first, and then moved to being invested in them individually. Since this is a novella series, maybe there could have been a novella before this explaining the characters a bit more. This would have been perfect!

Overall, I wouldn’t completely recommend this book, but I would suggest that if you are interested in this type of troubled romance novel that you should read it! It is very short, if you are looking for a quick afternoon read, this might do the trick.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

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