narrative-794978_1920I’m Briennai, and here you shall find reviews for anything from books, to webtoons, to TV shows, to even the occasional video game. I read and review literally any kind of book, and I review anything else that isn’t horror. As long as I can get my hands on it and have the time to complete it, I will write a review on it.

If you want to contact me to send me an ARC book, go onto my contact page and shoot me an email. If you want me to look at anything that you’ve drawn like a webtoon or a game that you’ve made (nonhorror), email me for that as well! Depending on the time of year, I will usually be able to write a review within a few weeks. If it a book less than 200 phone pages, that will usually take me only an hour or two to read. If it is over 200 phone pages, I will usually take a few days or so as long as I am not too busy with school.