Review Policy

I review:

  • Children’s- All Genres
  • Middle Grade – All Genres
  • YA – All genres
  • Adult – All Genres except Horror and Fantasy Comedy
    • I don’t mean that if your fantasy book has some humorous scenes that I won’t review it, but I typically don’t like fantasy novels that are solely based on humor and making fun of typical fantasy tropes.

My favorite Genres are:

  • Historical Fiction
  • Fantasy & Urban Fantasy
  • Historical Nonfiction (Such as the Radium Girls)
  • Romance/Paranormal Romance

Also, if your book has a diverse cast of characters, then I would definitely like to read it! Even if it falls slightly under the fantasy comedy genre or adult horror novels.

The time it takes me to review:

I am a full-time college student. This means that during some times of the year, such as finals season or when I have a lot of projects due for my classes, I will not be able to read books as quickly as I would like. I try to get all review requests completed within a month of me accepting the request, but please be patient! This isn’t my full-time job and schoolwork has to come first.

Accepted Formats:

I prefer physical copies of books, but I also accept digital .mobi files of books or Kindle gifts

If you would like to contact me, email me at . I try to respond to all emails within 24 hours of receipt.