The Sword Thief Review (39 Clues #3)


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Amy and Dan are on their way to Japan to find the next clue when Ian and Natalie steal their tickets and board their plane with Nellie, their au pair. Now they are in the hands of their shady uncle Allistair Oh, as they fly to Japan on a private plane. When there, they must figure out what the writing on the swords means, and how it will lead them to the next clue. This leads them on a hunt throughout Japan and South Korea as they encounter both the Holts and the Kabras in order to find their next clue.

This story was a very fast read. I swear, I finished it in less than an hour. However, I loved every minute of it, and I remembered most of the storyline surprisingly well, given that it has probably been 6 years since I read the book. Heck, I even remembered some of the sound effects from the audiobook version that I used to listen to. The setting of this book, in old/historical Japan and Korea was so intriguing that I felt myself almost being able to look around and see all the hidden places that Amy and Dan ventured into throughout the story.

The only weird thing in this story was that Ian and Amy did have a bit of a romance. When I was 11 and reading it, I did not read into it that much, and instead just shipped them with all my heart. Now, I realize that they, technically, were cousins (albeit distant) in a romance. I personally did not have that much of a problem with it, as throughout history royals and rich people would marry their relatives many times in order to keep the money within the family. However, I know some people might think this to be uncomfortable. I can assure that the romance does not take over the book, but it is a key part of the storyline that cannot be skipped.

I would recommend this book to anyone in middle school or up who is interested in a globe-spanning action adventure story.

Overall Rating: 5/5

One False Note (39 Clues #2)

One False Note - The 39 Clues Wiki - Wikia

Amy, Dan, and Nelly must travel to Vienna in order to find the next clue on their hunt, and they are looking for something related to Mozart. Nelly speaks German, but other than having a young adult au pair, Amy and Dan are completely on their own. After shaking the other members of the family in the last book, Amy and Dan are being watched almost constantly by the other members of their family who are waiting for their chance to take out the less experienced team.

This book was shorter than I remember, and somehow I managed to read it in about an hour this morning. This did not make it any less enjoyable though. I loved hearing Amy be able to contribute more to this part of the quest, as she knows quite a lot about Mozart. Dan’s photographic memory was also highlighted in this book, specifically with some parts of the music. One of my favorite parts about the 39 Clues series was seeing Amy and Dan become stronger individually and closer as siblings, and this book was truly the start of that. Amy starts to grow from being a shy, stuttering little mouse to being a genuine threat to the other teams. Dan starts to become more mature and helpful, even in the more boring parts of the mission. And Nelly, one of the most dedicated nannies ever, shows her worth in being fluent in so many languages, and assisting Amy and Dan in their missions.

I recommend this series to anyone looking for a mystery/action/adventure/spy series appropriate for ages 10 and up.

Overall Rating: 5/5