Touched by Grace Review (Divine Fate #2)

Touched by Grace (Divine Fate, #2)Ryn Tyler finally found her home—and demons are out to destroy it.

After a lifetime of searching for where she belongs, Ryn knows it’s in Eagle Valley… but war threatens to take that all away. Attending an angels-only high school should help her master her magical abilities, but stopping the upcoming battle is more important.

Ryn trains in secret with the help of her mentor, Marek, a bad boy who can’t decide between duty and love—and who’s already stolen Ryn’s heart. But the arrival of another Davina complicates things, and Ryn finds herself torn between the two boys.

Above all, she needs to find Grace. The ancient Davina warrior is Eagle Valley’s last hope.

The demons will do anything to stop Ryn from reaching Grace. Lives are on the line, and the future of the Davina—and the entire world—is at stake

The stakes are much higher in this book, as Ryn and her friends continue to search for Grace. Time is running out, but every time they take one step forward, they seem to take two steps back. Ryn is still training with Malek, even though her crush on him distracts her a lot, and she still has problems with her mother. The world doesn’t stop for one girl, but Ryn must juggle everything to save it.

I have to admit, the more I see Ryn’s relationship with her mother, the more I dislike her character in general. Even when she and her mother were trying to have conversations, she would just get up when things got difficult. She basically has no respect for her mother at this point in the story, and this is her biggest character flaw to me. Hopefully, this will be fixed by the end of the series.

Besides this issue, I did like this novel! I felt that Ryn truly took the training Malek gave her seriously, despite her distraction, and was determined to not be a damsel in distress. There was a bit of a love triangle in the story, but I didn’t mind it. The fact that she wasn’t dating either boy at the time really allowed me to just fly through the scenes without too much dislike of the main character. I also didn’t think that the love triangle took over the majority of the story.

The story moved smoothly as the characters were on an intense time limit to find Grace. New characters were introduced in this story as they all worked together towards a common goal. Even though the characters never tried to hide Ryn’s powers and heritage from her, she still has a lot to learn about their world. This book delves a little bit deeper into the more intricate parts of that world.

This book definitely ended on a very dramatic note, and I can’t wait to complete the trilogy in the next few days and see how everything plays out! This has been an exciting series, and I hope it will end on a high note.

I would recommend this series to anyone looking for a new YA paranormal romance/fantasy story to read.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Brides and Promises Box Set Review

Brides and Promises: Mail Order Bride Romance Collection

Finding Hope

Grace never thought that she would find love because she was plain with a homely figure. A friend gives her a copy of the Mail Order Bride newspaper, and Grace things that she might be able to find a husband who really loves her for her personality. When a prospective husband asks for a picture, she thinks that the only way to get him to like her would be for her to paint her face, add padding, and wear a wig so that she seems like a beauty. When she arrives in Montana, he sees her true self at the train station and leaves her immediately. An older woman has pity on her and decides to give her a room on her farm, and she helps both her and her nephew by cooking meals for them. As she gets closer to the nephew, she wonders if he is going to be her second chance at happiness.

I love Ruby Hill’s mail-order bride romances, and this one does not disappoint. This time, the main character Grace is not comfortable in her own skin, and doesn’t believe that she is worthy of happiness because she is too plain. She has to learn to love herself and get over how her prospective husband hurt her before she can love someone else. This plot was different from the others I had read, and I loved how it focused on the fact that girls were insecure about themselves throughout history. Most of the other brides had other issues, not necessarily issues of body image.

The plot moved smoothly, and it was fast-paced as usual because it was a short story. Nevertheless, it was still a decent amount of character development. Unlike the other mail-order romances, this one actually focuses a lot on Grace’s relationship with the Aunt rather than Grace’s romance with the nephew. I felt that this gave me the chance to really understand what type of person she was. The only thing that I wished I had known was more of her story before she became a bride.

There was also quite a bit of worldbuilding in this novel. I loved the scene with the sunset. I won’t say too much about it, but I thought that it really embodied small town life where people can just sit down and relax.

There were no editing errors that I noticed, even though I was reading an advance copy of the novel.

I received an advance copy of this novel and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5


The Bride’s Heart

Hazel thought that she was going to marry Christopher. He decides that he only wants to court her secretly, and when she doesn’t want to give him what he wants, he decides to take it. Hazel fights him off, running away, but before she knows it the entire town has heard and feels sorry for her. She knows that she doesn’t want this to be her entire life, living in the shadow of one event, and so she decides to be a Mail Order Bride. Most advertisements are simply people like Christopher, but one stands out to her. She decides to take a chance and move to a ranch with the owner Stephen.

Stephen likes to keep things in order and he expects Hazel to follow his few rules. Neither plan to be romantic with each other in the slightest, but soon, feelings start to emerge.

I have never read a Mail Order Bride novel, and so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was very pleasantly surprised with this novel. Even though the historical elements weren’t necessarily the focus of the novel, they weren’t butchered or forgotten about. The romance seemed realistic, with people falling in love with each other’s personality rather than just insta-love. I also thought that this book would be a very short read, as most of the historical romance.

Hazel was also a character who was strong and did not need a husband to be happy. She fought off her attacker and wasn’t afraid to tell anyone, instead allowing the whole town to go after the boy. She married so that she could move away in life, but she still kept her head about her and wanted to be as independent as possible. She was truly a role model within this story.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a Historical Fiction Western Romance/Mail Order Bride Romance with a female character who values her independence and a realistic storyline.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Overall Rating: 5/5


Love’s Chance

Charlotte has grown up wealthy, never wanting for anything. She doesn’t know how to cook, clean, work on a farm, or do any of the typical housewife skills. Always thinking that she would marry a rich man, she never thought to learn any of these skills. Suddenly, her father loses the family’s fortune, and they are in danger of losing everything. Being married would solve the issue of having an extra person to take care of, but everyone in the town knows that she would not be a useful wife due to not having any skills. Charlotte decides to apply be a mail-order-bride in order to find a way to get married outside of her city. All she hopes is that she will be able to learn the skills she will need to be useful to her husband so that she won’t simply be sent back home in disgrace.

This is the second mail-order-bride romance that I remember reading, and this is definitely my favorite of the two. Charlotte had a really unique reason for wanting to be an anonymous bride, she had no house-wife skills! This made for an interesting story, as Charlotte tries to hide from her new husband that she can’t do any of the “normal” household chores.

The romantic growth in this story was slow, but as it was short it did not drag out. In fact, the plot was fast-paced, and I found myself flying through the book in almost one complete sitting. These short romance stories are perfect for just sitting down one afternoon and relaxing. They are all clean, and the characters are so unique.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet, clean historical fiction romance novel.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Legacy in Legend Blog Tour Plus Review

Legacy in Legend
Barbara Pietron
(Legacy in Legend #0.5, 1, 2)
Genres: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult

New from award-winning YA author Barbara Pietron, an ebook bundle of the prequel and first two books in the Legacy in Legend series.

About the series: In Thunderstone, Jeni and her family gather at Lake Itasca, Minnesota, to spread her grandfather’s ashes in the Mississippi Headwaters. While they are there, they agree to meet again at various locations along the Mississippi River to remember him as they trace his journey to the Gulf of Mexico. These gatherings set the foundation for the Legacy in Legend series. Every time the family assembles, Jeni comes in contact with a malicious otherworldly element. These frightening and perilous encounters are no help in Jeni’s search for her spiritual heritage, as the supernatural entities come from a variety of mythologies and lore. Yet each vengeful confrontation makes it more important that she discover and harness whatever power she possesses so she can protect herself and her loved ones and, ultimately, end the deadly attacks.

The Legacy in Legend Series brings together mythology and suspense along with a little bit of romance when Jeni meets Shattered Ice, an apprentice medicine man. The prequel, Heart of Ice, is about Ice before he meets Jeni. Thunderstone and Veiled Existence are told from both Jeni’s and Ice’s point of view.

My Review: 

I will be posting my reviews of the books individually separately this week because there is simply so much to cover! However, I will do a completely spoiler-free thought summary here.

This series is amazing. All of the characters were unique, and I was drawn in every second that I was reading it. I also love books that include characters from different backgrounds. For example, Ice from the prequel is homeschooled! Small details like this really keep my attention in stories. I could not put the books down once I started them, and I finished all three fairly quickly.

The plot twists were fun to read, the storyline engaging, and there were no plot holes so far. Even though I had an advanced copy of the box set, there were no editing errors or plot holes. The worldbuilding was also well-done. Overall, I had nothing to complain about.

Keep an eye out over the next few days for my reviews of each individual novel!

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Author Bio:

Having a love for witches and vampires before they were trendy, Barbara gravitates toward stories with supernatural elements both when she reads and when she writes. Although classified as young adult, her books are enjoyed by a wide audience—pre-teen through adult.

Barbara’s novel Thunderstone was awarded 2013 Book of the Year Finalist status by Forward Reviews and before it was published, Thunderstone was a quarter-finalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakout Novel Award contest, winning a review by Publisher’s Weekly.

When she’s not writing, Barbara works in a library where she’s tortured by all the books she has yet to read. She’s a cult fan of the movies Labyrinth and Nightmare Before Christmas and a fan of all things Tim Burton. Barbara lives in Royal Oak, Michigan with her husband, daughter and a cat that often acts like a dog.

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Weredodo Sleuth Review (A Different Kind of Hero Box Set)

A Different Kind of Hero: A Clean EPIC and URBAN FANTASY CollectionThis box set is created to feature heroes with disabilities that are all unique in their own ways. This short story features a 63-year-old dodo shifter who has chronic memory lapses who has to solve an important mystery.

I have to say, I hate comedy fantasy novels. I absolutely despise them because they seem so cheesy to me. However, this one seemed to have its own sort of charm. Seeing 63-year-old Dotty trying to solve a mystery when she kept forgetting the clues had me laughing all the way through. I felt as if I was watching a story with a semi-human version of Dory from Finding Nemo!

The plot was sweet and clean as advertised, and it was entertaining. I don’t want to spoil too much because it was short, but it was definitely worth the read. The world-building was great for a short story as it explained the entire universe around shifters. There were no editing errors that I noticed.

I would recommend this box set to lovers of fantasy with unique main characters.

I received an advanced copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Hearts and Ever Afters: Regency Romance Collection Box Set Review

Hearts and Ever Afters: Regency Romance Collection by [Alec, Joyce]

I read every single book within this box set, so I am going to write a short review for each and then average out the ratings for a box set rating.

An Earl’s Agreement

Lucy does not wish to marry Lord Hutton, a very old man. Instead, she betrothed herself to Lord Caldwell to escape the situation. Everything seems to be going well as Edward and Lucy start to fall for each other, but Lord Hutton is not willing to give up his prize so easily.

Lucy and Edward’s relationship was so sweet, even if they started out as not knowing each other and only getting engaged for convenience. I also thought that Lucy was one of the strongest women in this box set, which was a change from the usual “damsel in distress” regency romance girls.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Married to a Marquess

Alice married William, but after the wedding, she has not seen him for three years. She decides to disguise herself and find out what her husband has been up to. Hopefully, she will be able to finally be free from his control.

I have to say that this story was probably my least favorite in the box set? I know that this is supposed to be regency romance with happy endings. However, if Alice had been strong, she would have left William and gone on to make her own life. I think I would have enjoyed this book better if it had been William searching for his long-lost wife and accidentally falling in love with her. The way the plot went was not completely uninteresting though, and I didn’t absolutely hate reading it.

Overall Rating: 3/5

A Viscount’s Second Chance

Henry has lost Eleanor before, but he is determined not to lose her again. Another man is vying for her affections, but there is something fishy about him. Soon, a friend of Eleanor’s is blamed for a robbery, and Henry must assist Eleanor and her friend in getting out of the situation. Nevertheless, his reputation precedes him, and he must work twice as hard in order not to lose the woman he loves.

I enjoyed this story because it showed the fact that not everyone who is rich in these romances may actually be good people. There were liars in history as well, but sometimes they are forgotten in these novels. I also enjoyed that there was some sort of mystery within this novel to give the plot an extra push.

Overall Rating: 5/5

A Duke for Christmas

Charles and Isabella were friends growing up, even though Isabella was simply the daughter of Charles’ governess. Isabella has disappeared for many years and then she shows up one night at his doorstep, asking for help. Charles must consider his options, and worry about Isabella’s safety as his family members start to attack.

I also really enjoyed this story in the box set and thought of it as unique. Rarely do I see regency romance novels about a rich man marrying a regular woman, and I think that this is a topic that should be expanded upon. This story was also a bit longer, which gave the characters more depth.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Unexpected Earl

Linton and Catherine were friends in childhood, but now they have drifted apart. Linton has a reputation for cheating people, and Catherine does not even want to associate with him. However, when she starts to court another man, Linton suddenly comes back into her life to warn her about him.

I also didn’t like this book as much as the others. When I read the novel when we find out what is wrong with Catherine’s current lover, I thought that it wasn’t a good reason for them to break up. Also, I didn’t particularly like Linton. Even if he tries to change his ways, I still thought of him as a cheat. All in all, the writing was fine, but I just didn’t enjoy the story.

Overall Rating: 3/5

Overall Rating for the Box Set: 4.2/5

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

The Perks of Higher Ed Review (Seduction in a Suit Box Set)

Seduction in a Suit: an Office Romance Collection by [Corwin, Monica, Winters, Eva, Crenshaw, Taige, Jeffries, McKenna, Quinn, Author, Ayers, Brandy, Frazier, Lynda Kaye, Stuart, Leigh W., Jones, N.D., Ryan, Holly, Janae Keyes, Nicole Morgan, Ju Ephraime, Liz Gavin, Jewel Killian, Cassie Leigh, Leona Bushman, Camille Oster, Khardine Gray, Lexi Greene, Aliyah Burke, N.R. Larry]

Sky works with Malcolm at the Eastern Bluebird College. After meeting at a faculty event and being put on the Diversity Progress Committee, the attraction between them is unavoidable. However much Sky might want to close off her heart to Malcolm, he works his way in to woo her. Even if she accepts a relationship, it will still take her a lot more for her to open up to him about her past. Malcolm is willing to wait though, and in the meantime, he will show Sky his own family.

I absolutely love N.D. Jones’ romance novels. She always gives her characters proper backstories and allows them to grow, rather than just focusing on a shallow romance. This book was no different for me. I felt truly connected to both Malcolm and Sky. Sky struggled to open up to people, but Malcolm’s open personality helped her to grow. Malcolm was truly a family man who enjoyed spending time with his siblings, which is sometimes hard to find in a romance novel.

The storyline moves quickly, but it was definitely deep. Sometimes in box sets, you skip books because you don’t have the time. This one is definitely worth your while, so don’t skip it!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a complete romance novel with characters who grow throughout the book and who truly care for each other.

I received this book for free and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6/5