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All is Assuredly Well

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Book Summary

All is Assuredly WellKing Phillip the Good and his husband, The Most Excellent Don Carlos Emiliano Felipe de Compañero y Campañero, live sedate, uneventful lives until King Phillip dreams of having a baby girl. Structured around The Hero’s Journey, King Phillip must follow his mentor, the Blue Star, and encounter allies (a newt and a bluejay) and overcome gatekeepers (a biting fish and a bear) as he completes a series of tasks to prove himself worthy of becoming a father. Once proven, the Blue Star presents him with a baby girl in the middle of a fairy circle of a thousand different flowers in a thousand brilliant hues.  He returns home to present Baby Milliflora to his husband, and the loving husbands joyfully become loving fathers.


My Review:

I loved this picture book! It is important for all children to see themselves and their families represented in literature. This book could be a modern fairy tale and be relatable to children who have been adopted into families with two dads or two moms. It shows the family like they are normal, rather than trying to make them “special” and alienating them from other families. The illustrations are beautiful and in an old-fashioned style, which is sure to bring children in. There was only one thing that I thought might have been an error, but then after re-reading it, I realized that it was fine. This book was amazing from start to finish, and I definitely want to see more from these authors!

I would recommend this novel to lovers of diverse children’s picture books.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars

Genre: Children’s Books

Publisher: Camille Lancaster Literary Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-0-9998880-0-1

All is Assuredly Well is available as an ebook and print at



Paperback Copy of All Is Assuredly Well!

This giveaway will run until July 30th, and I will be posting about it a lot! As this is my first ever giveaway, I hope everything goes well! Thank you all for supporting me.

About the author, Professor Gore

Professor Gore’s proudest hours were spent in Federal Court testifying as an expert witness and plaintiff against the city she loved. The city commission had passed an amendment that banned Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate from the children’s section of the public library. A storyteller, Professor Gore is delighted to contribute to the canon she once defended.

About the Author, Maestro Wilson

Co-author Maestro Phillip Wilson is a retired band director, music teacher, composer, and arranger. A poet at heart, his love for word play and ear for rhythm and meter lend themselves well to the lyrical art of storytelling.

About the Illustrator, Angie F. M. Trotter

Artist Angie F. M. Trotter holds a BA in Religion and Fine Art. Her pen and ink illustrations are an amalgamation of icons, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass window design, and her spiritual life. Her work has been compared to the masters of the Golden Age of British book illustration. 

You can find more about All is Assuredly Well and the authors and the illustrator online:




Blog Tour Dates (in Chronological Order)

July 2nd @ The Muffin 

Grab a morning treat over at Women on Writing’s blog The Muffin and read our interview author Professor M.C. Gore and enter to win a copy of the book All is Assuredly Well

July 3rd @ Mari’s #JournalingPower Blog

Author Professor M.C. Gore will be a guest writer over at Mari’s #JournalingPower blog where she talks about writing the hero’s journey.

July 5th @ Mommy Daze: Say What??

Come by Ashley’s blog Mommy Daze: Say What?? where she shares her thoughts on Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well.

July 6th @ Coffee With Lacey

Get your coffee over at Lacey’s blog Coffee With Lacey where she shares her thoughts on the book All is Assuredly Well

July 7th @ Cassandra’s Journey
Stop by Cassandra’s blog where she interviews author Professor Gore about her book All is Assuredly Well.

July 8th @ Madeline Sharples Blog

Author Professor Gore is a guest writer over at Madeline Sharples blog where she shares her thoughts on alchemical literature and how it affects her thinking as a writer.

July 9th @ Bri’s Book Nook

Stop by Briennai’s blog Bri’s Book Nook where reviews Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well

July 10th @ Break Even Books

Come by Erik McManus’ blog Break Even Books to find out what he had to say about the book All is Assuredly Well.

July 10th @ Georgia Ball’s Author Blog
Come by Georgia’s blog where she features a blog post written by Professor Gore about how the author found her illustrator and who she is.

July 12th @ Mommy Daze: Say What??

Professor M.C. Gore will be a guest writer over at Ashley’s blog Mommy Daze: Say What?? where the author describes her experience on the witness stand as an expert witness when the city of Wichita Falls, Texas banned Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy’s Roommate.

July 12th @ George Ball’s Author Blog
Come by George Ball’s blog where she shares her thoughts about Professor Gore & Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well.

July 14th @ A Storybook World

Professor Gore is a guest writer over at Dierdra’s blog A Storybook World and she’ll be writing about how her local writers’ club convinced her to self-publish, and why/how she started her own micro-publishing company (including how a MAJOR publishing company editor she pitched to told her that she would buy the manuscript, but not the illustrations because she had a “completely different vision” for the book).

July 15th @ The Late Bloomers Blog

Come by Gigi’s blog The Late Bloomers blog where she shares her thoughts on Professsor Gore and Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well.

July 16th @ Auden Johnson’s Blog
Stop by Auden Johnson blog to read Professor Gore’s guest post on her supernatural experience involving her Advanced Graduate Statistics professor and how that relates to this book.

July 17th @ Coffee With Lacey
Come by Lacey’s blog and read her interview with Professor Gore, one of the authors for All is Assuredly Well as well as with the illustrator of the series, Angie F. M. Trotter.

July 19th @ The Writing Dreamer
Come by Jessica’s blog where Professor Gore will be a guest writer and will be talking about how a workshop on screenwriting made her a better story writer.

July 22nd @ Just a Place to  Drop My Thoughts
Stephanie will be reviewing Professor Gore & Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well. Come by and see what she thought about this impactful book!

July 23rd @ Cassandra’s Writing World
Check out Cassandra’s blog to find out her thoughts on Professor Gore & Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well. Professor Gore will also be discussing her thoughts on why attending conferences and workshops are worth the money (and how to make the best use of your time at one).

July 24th @ Author Anthony Avina Blog
Come by Anthony Avina’s blog where he shares his thoughts on Professor Gore & Maestro Wilson’s book All is Assuredly Well.

July 26th @ Author Anthony Avina Blog
Check out Anthony Avina’s blog where he will be sharing Professor Gore’s guest post on why she
selected Maestro Wilson as her co-author and how they worked together.

July 27th @ The Faerie Review
Come by Lily Shadowlyn’s blog The Faerie Review where she reviews the book All is Assuredly Well.

July 28th @ The Faerie Review

Make sure to catch Lily’s interview with author Professor Gore, one of the co-authors of All is Assuredly Well.

July 30th @ Books and Motivation
Come by Prakash Vir Sharma blog and read his interview with author Professor Gore.

July 30th @ The Faerie Review
Come by Lily’s blog where author Professor Gore writes about fighting academic freedom after a student complained about Professor Gore’s class material about LGBQT class material.

Thomas Paine and the Dangerous Word ARC Review

Thomas Paine and the Dangerous WordThis picture book with a classic art style tells the story of Thomas Paine and how he came to write Common Sense. It is more of an older elementary school to middle school novel since the writing is a bit advanced and the topics more serious than a typical preschool picture book. Nevertheless, this would be a fun way to teach 5-7th graders about an important historical figure. To be honest, I didn’t even know much about Thomas Paine before reading this novel.

The plot tells the story of Thomas’ life, from birth to the time when he wrote Common Sense. I, as a nearly graduated senior, didn’t really know much about Thomas Paine. I knew about Common Sense, but I had completely forgotten who had written the book. Even if I had remembered, I would not have actually known anything about his life story. This picture book changes him from a dry historical figure to a person with a real story. He also shows that you don’t have to know what you want to do from childhood to be successful. He changed his mind several times in his life about his career, married different people, and failed several times before he finally became successful from writing that novel.

This book would educate readers about an important historical figure, and teach them that it is okay to fail. Just because Thomas wasn’t a decent tax collector doesn’t mean that he was a failure as a person. If he had just chosen to give up, he would have never been able to influence the American people with Common Sense.

The illustrations in this book were in a classic style that reminded me of old Charlie Brown. It fit the theme because the book is historical and the cartoons were historical. I think that they didn’t catch my attention and draw me away from the main storyline, but they weren’t boring either.

The story was also longer than a normal picture book, but this was important to be able to tell all of Thomas’ story. I don’t think that a young child would want to sit through all of it or think that all of it was interesting, but this would make for an interesting history lesson for an older kid.

I would recommend this book to older children or middle schoolers looking for a fun way to learn about a historical figure.

I received an advance copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

Off and Away Blog Tour Plus Review

OFF & AWAY.jpg

Off & Away (1).jpg


Author: Cale Atkinson

Pub. Date: June 5, 2018

Publisher: Disney-Hyperion

Formats: Hardcover, eBook

Pages: 48

Find it: GoodreadsAmazonB&NTBD

How would you get mail if you lived in the middle of the sea? It’s Jo’s dad’s job to deliver it, taking bottles wherever they need to go. He always comes home with exciting stories to tell-but Jo is far too afraid to go out on the ocean herself. Until Dad gets a bad sea cold, that is. With no one but Jo to deliver the bottles, she must find her courage and set sail alone. As she embarks on her mission, her fears just might be replaced with new friendships . . . and grand stories of her own.

With beautiful, atmospheric art and endearing new characters by author-illustrator Cale Atkinson, this picture book is a treasure.

My Review: 

This book is an adorable tale of a little girl and her father who delivers bottles to the residents of the sea. Jo is scared of what might be out there, but she loves to hear her father tell her stories about it. When her father comes down with a sea cold, Jo sees the bottles starting to pile up. She realizes that it is up to her to get the bottles out to the residents of the sea, and so she has to start off on an adventure of her own.

Let me start off by saying that this is the first picture book that I have had the opportunity to review, and this definitely did not disappoint. For starters, the art. The art in this book was adorable, yet beautifully detailed at the same time. Every page gave me another beautiful image full of vibrant colors. I found myself showing the book to my family, just so that they could see how pretty the art was!

Secondly, I was happy that this is a diverse picture book. So few picture books have characters that come from different cultures or backgrounds, but this one proudly advertises a brown girl and her father. This would allow even more children who read this book to relate to the main character!

Even though this was just a fun picture book, there were several morals in this story. Jo thinks that monsters live in the ocean and so she has to overcome this fear to do her father’s job. This teaches bravery. She also learns in this book that the “monsters” she feared so much were actually quite friendly creatures. She also learns how to be independent by going off on her own without the help of her father, and succeeding on her mission.

This has been one of the most rich picture books that I have ever read, and I will definitely be re-reading it a few times just to admire the amazing art and story. Even if you are an adult, take a break and relax by reading this book!

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a new picture book with morals and amazing art, or anyone looking for a relaxing story.

Overall Rating: 6/5


About Cale:

Cale Atkinson is an illustrator/writer/animator currently residing  in Kelowna Canada. Believing in tea more than sleep, Cale is constantly working on numerous projects. His work can be found in children’s books, animated shorts, television, and games.

Cale’s always looking for new and exciting projects that challenge his skills and allow him to grow creatively.


Disney Hyperion, Marvel, Tundra books (imprint of Penguin Random House), OWL Books, Grosset and Dunlap (Penguin),, Pearson, American Greetings, Hyper Hippo Games, Lerner Books, Scholastic.

Cale is currently working on multiple projects, including two picture books he is writing and illustrating.

Website | Twitter | Tumblr

Tour Schedule:

Week One:

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6/5/2018- Margie’s Must Reads– Excerpt

6/6/2018- BookHounds YA– Guest Post

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Honey Moon Shiver Review

Honey Moon has a sleepover with her friends, and she wants to show them her mother’s prized necklace. After taking it out if its hiding place, in a book, she shows it off to all of her friends and lets them try it on. The next day, she realizes that the necklace is gone. Her mother would absolutely kill her if she lost her prized necklace, and so she must do everything in her power to find it before her mom notices. With the help of Shiver, the owner of a new popsicle shop, she goes on a mission to find out who stole the necklace. Along the way, she learns lessons about lying and forgiveness.

I definitely have to read more books in the Honey Moon series, it is just so good! Honey is a strong-willed young girl with loving parents and an annoying brother, and she lives in the Halloween town of Sleepy Hollow. She is a fairly normal young girl, but her town is far from normal.

This book is definitely a good read for elementary schoolers and middle schoolers. I personally was a big reader at that age and felt sad that there were no long books made for people my age. This story is about 200 pages, which is long enough to feel satisfying for young readers but not long enough to be too intimidating. The subject matter is appropriate for kids of that age, and the moral of the story is definitely an important lesson for them.

The pacing of the story is excellent and it will definitely engage young readers. The words are simple enough for young readers to understand, but the story isn’t so basic that they will become bored. This book even discusses healthy eating, because the Shiver store has low-sugar all-natural popsicles that can be bought from a real-life company.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a sweet fantasy story with important morals, or for anyone who is looking for a new story for young readers.

I received an advanced copy of this book, and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5/5

The House of Hades Review

The House of Hades (The Heroes of Olympus, #4)

Annabeth and Percy are stuck in Tartarus. They must travel through Tartarus to the House of Hades, and Tartarus is a monster’s playground. None of the same rules apply as when they are on the surface, and if they kill the monsters, they will simply reappear. In order to get out of Tartarus, they enlist the help of Bob, fight through Gaea’s forces, and make it to the doors of the House of Hades. I

While they fight in the Underworld, the other demigods must fight in the overworld to close the doors of the House of Hades and make sure that Death returns to his job so the monsters will not continue to regenerate themselves. If Annabeth and Percy don’t hurry to the surface, they will be locked in Tartarus indefinitely.

Alright so first I am going to say that this book has so far been my favorite book in the Heroes of Olympus series. I did enjoy seeing the group split up, and work towards a common goal both on the surface and in the Underworld.

I also felt that every single character developed in this story, except for one in particular. They all learned to grow into their powers, and all learned to accept themselves. They also grow as a team. I also enjoyed the romantic relationship growth within this novel, particularly between Percy and Annabeth.

The one character whose growth I didn’t like was Annabeth. I felt that while in Tartarus, she relied on Percy too much. This could have been the part of her development, her learning to rely on others. However, in my opinion, she is just getting weaker as this series goes on. I will be working my way through the Blood of Olympus in the next few days, and I hope to be able to appreciate Annabeth’s future character growth. This wasn’t as blatant as it was in other novels though, so I do have to give Riordan props for that.

Overall Rating: 4/5