My New Friend Is A Cat Webtoon Review

I love reading different Webtoons, so when a fan reached out to me about My New Friend is a Cat, I knew I had to read it. And I definitely was not disappointed!

Ken meets a boy named France when he shows up in his class one day. France is a loner who doesn’t talk to anyone, and the strangest thing about him is that he always wears a cat mask. Ken is known for making mixtapes for his classmates, and he just knows that a mixtape will help France to acclimate to his new environment. But how will he make a mixtape for someone who he knows nothing about and who barely talks? In order to make this mixtape, Ken must get to know France. Along the way, these two become friends, and the story begins.

Ken and France have one of the healthiest friendships I have seen in fiction recently. Both of them have their own secret struggles, but they manage to work through them by coming together. As they grapple with things difficult for anyone at any age, they use each other to start to rebuild themselves. Along the way they still have to deal with the struggles of growing up, and they help each other through that as well. I am excited to see how these two will grow and adapt as they get older in the comic. Right now they are both still in middle school, but the author says that the two will get older as the story goes on.

This story tackles many difficult issues, and most of those issues I can’t discuss as they will be spoilers. Just know that the author handles these issues within the story with such grace that it keeps me excited to read the next chapter. I never feel like the characters are in some sort of overexaggerated drama, but instead I feel like they are real kids working out their problems in a real yet peaceful way.

Another character I loved from this story was Gendy, Ken’s brother. He is the older brother who has taken care of Ken for years, and I can’t wait to learn more about what he has gone through in future episodes of the comic. He holds many of the secrets in this story, and not too many have been revealed yet. He always seems to know what Ken needs, even though he is only a very young adult himself.

I binged this entire webcomic in one night, and I know that anyone who reads it will enjoy it. It is so addictive, and it has been updated pretty consistently since 2017. I hope that you all give it a chance, as this story is a perfect feel-good read during quarantine.

I would recommend this webcomic to anyone looking for a story about friendship, change, and hope.

Read the color version of this webcomic here. (I personally love the color version!)

Read the black and white version of this webcomic here.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 6 paintbrushes.


Webtoon Wednesday: AMuslimMamaComics!

I love supporting amazing artists on Instagram. When I first started reading Asbah Alaena’s comics, I fell in love with the art style. Soon, I started following the story of herself and her family. Her name on Instagram is @amuslimmamacomics, and she writes about her everyday life raising children, being a wife, and being a Muslim woman.

I am not Muslim, so I didn’t know what to expect coming into it. Soon, I kept reading her older comics just to learn more about the religion and to understand my Muslims friends better. She writes about the peaceful, amazing, funny, and difficult parts of being a Muslim in today’s world. One of my favorite inspirational comics of hers was this one. I never really understood what Ramadan was truly about until I saw this comic, and it made me so happy to know that this was how my friends were going to be feeling for that month.

A lot of her comics are simply relatable if you have kids or have been around kids for any period of time. She discusses the good, bad, and the hilarious of being a mother. One of my favorite motherhood-related comics of hers is this one!

I would definitely recommend you check her out and read even more of her comics, she even writes about some political/social and humanitarian issues in comics such as this one!

I hope that you check her out and enjoy her comics as much as I did! Let me know who your favorite Instagram artists are in the comments!

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 paintbrushes


Webtoon Wednesdays: Let’s Play Webtoon Review

Image result for let's play webtoon

This Webtoon Wednesday is less of a review and more of me just talking about a Webtoon I started reading yesterday. I instantly fell in love with it, but I am only about 5 chapters in. Half of the characters in the picture above I haven’t even met in the Webtoon yet!

Sam is a game developer, and she was originally proud of her first puzzle-adventure game Ruminate. She spent hours and hours on it and was so happy when it had been given positive reviews on the indie game site she published it on. Then a Youtuber named Marshall gave her game a bad review online. He didn’t even read the instructions, got frustrated when he couldn’t get past the game, and ended the video trying to give “criticism” to the game’s developer. His fans then went and review-bombed Sam’s profile on the site until it was taken down for having such a high volume of negative reviews at one time. Then, Marshall moves in next door, and Sam has to figure out how she is going to deal with the neighbor that basically ruined her life.

I love how this comic represents people with social anxiety. Sam didn’t break down meeting Marshall, but then she had a panic/asthma attack with her friends when she was thinking about how to live next to him all the time.

This comic also talks about being a Youtuber or an indie game dev. Marshall had to be up all hours of the night, even when he was tired, just to make content for his viewers. Even when he was tired he would put on a happy face just to try to put out content on a regular basis. Sam put a lot of time and effort into her project, but one big Youtuber getting the wrong idea about her game, and her career was just about ruined in an instant. Review bombed and the original ratings might never return. I have never heard of this happening to someone who actually didn’t do something wrong in the gaming community (like a Youtuber calling out a developer for being a racist or bad to his employees or something), but I am sure that it has happened. I am glad that Mongie, the author, is bringing light to these important issues.

I am not going to give a rating as I am not very far in the episodes, but I will update you all on my final rating in a different post once I am completely caught up. Thanks for reading!

Webtoon Wednesdays: Age Matters Webtoon Review

Image result for age matters webtoon

She’s a hopeless romantic who’s turning 30 – and is not super happy about it. He’s a reclusive billionaire who’s hired her to be his assistant – and he’s not too happy about that either. Together they rewrite the rules of friendship, love, work and the BEST way to clean someone’s apartment.

I have never, and I mean NEVER, read a Webtoon about a straight couple where the main female love interest was older than the male love interest. I have never read a book  where the main female love interest was older than the main male love interest, and their relationship wasn’t completely based around sex. This webtoon was so different.

Rose is 30, and she doesn’t know what she wants to do in life. She has seen many of her friends get married and have successful careers, but she hasn’t been able to stay and progress in a job since she graduated from college. She just works for a few months to a few years, and then has to move to the next one. After her relationship ends, she doesn’t want to have to return home to face her family, so she offers to housesit for a friend. The only catch is that she has to cook and clean for her friend’s boss who lives next door. Sort of a weird job, but it will keep her on her feet until she can find a different one.

When she meets Daniel, she doesn’t know what to think. They don’t instantly fall in love, but Rose takes care of him. He is a 21-year-old billionaire, but he is always busy and doesn’t bother to have any friends or even eat on a regular basis. Rose decides to become a sort of caregiver to him, and Daniel doesn’t know how to deal with this. No one ever really cared about HIM, they just cared about the rich CEO.

So far in the webtoon, or as far as I read at least, they aren’t together yet. It is a slow burn romance, so they are going to be friends for a while first and learn to trust each other before starting to date. Again, another thing I don’t see in romance novels with an older woman. I’m glad that this Webtoon is finally starting to paint these couples in a positive light! I know people who have been married for years where the woman was 5-10 years older than the man, and I know people that have been married for years where the man was 5-10 years older than the woman. It works both ways, but the media tends to portray the “older women” relationships as being some sort of sexual fantasy whereas the older men relationships are just normal. Both are perfectly fine, and people can find happiness together!

The only thing that I hope is that one of them breaks out of their shells soon. Cuz from what I’ve read, it seems more like Rose is just taking care of Daniel, and he is just trying to help her without getting involved too much. Rose seems like more of a big sister than a romantic interest, and I hope that the author makes this transition as smooth as possible.

The art is also beautiful and so smooth. I rarely see errors in spelling or grammar, and every drawing will just come to life off the page. My favorite part of the story was definitely when they went to karaoke. I won’t spoil anything, but it was hilarious!

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a slow-burn Webtoon romance.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 paintbrushes


Rambling about Captain America Civil War (With Spoilers!)

71VwAGJmXrL._SY606_Post Contains Amazon Affiliate Link

So, I rarely watch movies. Like, until this past weekend, the last time I remember sitting down to watch a movie was when I saw Wonder Woman in the summer of 2017. I just don’t do it that often. But, I watched 4 movies in 24 hours on Saturday and Sunday, and I plan to review them all! Starting off with Civil War.

Alright, so I will admit. The only reason why I watched this movie was that I wanted to see Tom Holland’s first Marvel appearance. I love his version of Spiderman, and I wanted to see the story from the very beginning. What I got was far more than I signed up for, and I loved every minute of it.

So basically, in this movie the Avengers get in trouble for accidentally killing people on their missions. This was triggered by Wanda, aka Scarlet Witch, accidentally dragging an explosion to an office building. Only a few people died, but they were people from Wakanda. This leads the United Nations to create Accords to try to limit the power of the Avengers, so that they would have to go through a panel before they do anything. This splits up the team, as some think that they should sign the Accords before they are forced into it, and others believe that they should wait.

Then, Captain America’s old friend Bucky is framed for bombing the UN and killing the king of Wakanda. He wasn’t even there, and Captain knows that, so he decides to seek out his friend. By siding with Bucky he becomes a criminal, and a few Avengers team up with him. This officially splits the team in half, as many others side with Black Panther and Iron Man.

So the final team is Captain America, Wanda/Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Bucky/Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Ant Man VS. Iron Man, Black Panther, Spiderman, War Machine, Black Widow, and Vision.

I have to say that at least this far into the film series, I kinda agreed with Iron Man’s side on the Accords. It would make more sense to sign now and try to negotiate later instead of trying to go against human authority, making them not want to trust the enhanced humans anymore. Sure, they could go against the UN if they truly needed to, but for not it would have been the best choice. But that’s just my opinion.

Then, let’s move on to the whole Winter Soldier situation. I know that Captain America wanted to help his friend, but by helping Bucky run, it did make him look guilty when he wasn’t. The UN might not have listened to him, but he could have at least had a chance to make his case. By running and subsequently getting caught, they took away any chance of negotiating with the government. The only reason why they weren’t put in jail was because Iron Man thought that he would be able to convince them to sign the Accords. Bucky was jailed though, as the government had already deemed him a villain. I haven’t seen the previous films, which is kinda needed to make sense of the whole Winter Soldier debacle, but it kinda confuses me how everyone seems to be so split when this guy was clearly brainwashed and has been doing things that were not under his own control.

I love Wanda and Vision’s friendship so much, and I definitely think that they could be more in future movies.  Wanda is around 18-20 years old, and she is struggling with her powers. Vision is a synthetic person, AI if you will, who is technically only a few years old but has the mental capacity of an adult male. Vision is put in charge of taking care of Wanda and making sure that she doesn’t leave the Avengers’ Tower after the events at the beginning of the film. Even though Wanda is technically being kept prisoner, she befriends Vision and he tries to make her feel as if she is at home. Wanda doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Avengers because she is younger and has powers that the public view as being “more dangerous.” Vision doesn’t fit in because he isn’t human and doesn’t understand the societal norms. The two stick together and form a relationship that I don’t think either of them could have had with any other Avenger.

This film also shows the start of Spiderman’s journey with Tony Stark. Tom Holland is honestly a great Peter Parker, he acts the part of a fifteen-year-old boy so well. I wish we had sort of gotten an introduction to how he had gotten his powers, and how he created the cheap suit, and how he was doing in NYC before Tony came into the picture, but we don’t. Instead we are fully thrown into the storyline where Iron Man needs help defeating Captain America and his crew, so he decides to recruit Spiderman onto his new team.

Spiderman is definitely my favorite character in the entire film. He doesn’t really know what’s going on, but he is just fanboying over getting the chance to see all of his favorite superheroes in action. He doesn’t even really know how to fight, but because the other Avengers don’t know him, he brought the element of surprise. I love his little banter throughout the fight as many other Avengers are just like “Who IS this kid??”

Then, the big reveal comes. Bucky killed Iron Mans parents while he was under the control of Hydra, and Tony loses it. He just attacks Captain America and Bucky, even as Cap is trying to explain that it wasn’t Bucky’s fault. I think that is really going to be Tony’s downfall in a way, his temper. Like here’s a guy that you trusted saying that it was not Bucky’s fault that his parents are dead, but you just keep attacking. You are just getting beaten to a pulp but you won’t stop trying to 2V1 two guys who are just as strong as you are. I understand that he was hurting, but that was a pretty dumb thing to do.

Overall, I loved this movie, but I felt as if I didn’t love the right characters? I didn’t love Bucky or Cap or really care about their story at all. I didn’t care about Iron Man. The only people I cared about were Wanda and Vision, and Spiderman. But they made the whole movie for me, so that’s fine. I will be reviewing Infinity War next, so stay tuned!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Dictator Boyfriend Webtoon Review

My dictator boyfriend.PNG

Manny has just become the dictator of a nation, but he doesn’t know if he will be able to do a good job taking his father’s place. He doesn’t seem to be able to do anything right, and the people around him don’t take him seriously. Manny’s father is even still working with the people that are supposed to be working for him! He is given a bodyguard so that he will be protected at all times, but he starts to fall for him! Will Manny be able to keep up the facade that he wants a girlfriend, or will he succumb to his bodyguard’s charm and become his boyfriend?

I am not completely up to date with this cartoon, but after reading several episodes of it, I knew that I would have to make an in-depth review of it. I usually don’t like the strictly comedy comics that Webtoons has to offer, as they are usually too cheesy for me to bear. I become uninterested after reading a few episodes. Nevertheless, I love this Webtoon, and I was both entertained by it and addicted to it.

Manny is such a sweet character. He is honestly trying his best to be a dictator, but he just wasn’t cut out for that type of thing. He doesn’t like being forced to socialize with random old men, and he doesn’t know what to do when put in charge of large groups of people. He does things without thinking sometimes, which gets him into trouble quite often. He even gets in trouble with his boyfriend for just leaping into things without really considering the consequences.

I think his relationship with his guard is so sweet, even if it is in this hilarious alternate reality where silly dictators rule the land. I hope that in future episodes we will get to see more of Manny’s relationship with his father, and how that affected his upbringing. We have seen some of this in a flashback or two and some of Manny’s conversations with his dad, but this hasn’t fully been expanded upon. I am really excited to see what else will come of this place!

I also really enjoy the art of this Webtoon. I like the art of all the Webtoons I read, but this one just fit the story. Even the color purple as the color that Manny wears seems to suit him. I can’t explain all of it, but it is really pretty to look at.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for an actually funny comedy Webtoon!

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

True Beauty Webtoon Review

True Beauty

Jugyeong is a college-aged girl who has created the “perfect look” for herself. Now people recognize her wherever she goes, and she has a famous Instagram account that is recognized even by Kpop stars! Secretly, she is just an average-looking girl who mastered the art of makeup at around 13 years old. No one knows when she was an unpopular girl, bullied by the “pretty” girls, and wishing that she was born pretty.

I love the fact that Jugyeong is secretly normal, and has “nerdy” hobbies. This is honestly the truth, a girl might look pretty on the outside but she that doesn’t mean she has to be an empty shell. So far in this comic, I am loving Jugyeong without her makeup because it allows her true personality to come out. She doesn’t have to be perfect, and she can enjoy what she wants.

One thing that I also appreciated is that this comic doesn’t go from Jugyeong not knowing anything about makeup to being a makeup professional. She had her experience with embarrassing makeup choices, and practiced over the break until she went to a new school and became the “pretty” girl.

To be honest, Jugyeong is not even harming herself in any way by putting on makeup. She didn’t starve herself to try to be “thin,” but instead used makeup as an artistic way to become the girl that she “dreamed” of being. She might have had to change her personality for her new friends, but she didn’t completely change herself. I hope more of these things are discussed later in the book, but there are only 5 episodes as of today. I wasn’t lucky enough to get to read the whole thing while it was still in “Discover” TnT

Hopefully, if she gets a boyfriend in this comic, the boyfriend will have a secret nerdy side and they can just chill together. I would hate for her to take her makeup off and then her boyfriend breaks up with her.

The one thing that confused me is the fact that the summary says she is in high school, but the first episode says that she is 21 years old. Then, the comic goes back to her high school years to talk about how she started with makeup. There aren’t really enough episodes to see what time the majority of the comic will be set in, but for now, I am going to say that she is college-age.

I would recommend this comic to anyone looking for a story of a girl who became “pretty” without starving herself or stripping herself o her personality. Very positive! Also fun for Kpop fans, as it references some pop culture and is set in Korea,

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars


Acception Webtoon Review


I love Webtoons because their comics are so diverse. This one does not disappoint. Arcus is a boy who loves to wear bright colors and has rainbow hair. People at this new school in the Netherlands automatically choose him as a target, but they don’t know that he actually runs a really popular fashion blog that most of them follow. Arcus just wants to make new friends, and he runs into a girl named Maud who also doesn’t fit the fashion status quo with her dark hair, dark makeup, and dark clothes. He is determined to be her friend, even though she seems like she would rather have nothing to do with him.

What I like in this comic is that the author did not automatically make Arcus gay for lying to wear colorful and “different” clothes. It really emphasizes the fact that clothing does not have anything to do with sexuality.

Also, let me mention one thing. I am not actually completely sure if Arcus is a boy in this book. He has male “parts” as was proven in one bullying scene, and people usually refer to him as male throughout the book and there is no discussion of him being non-binary, but when the character descriptions were written at the start of the comic, his gender was just question marks. I think that at this point in the comic, he identifies as male, so I am referring to him as such, but that could be a plot twist that is spoken about later in the story. If I am wrong, I apologize, I’m just going by what I saw from what I read!

I also like the fact that there are other unique people in this story. Maud has a very interesting backstory, and that is really the only person I want to talk about at the moment for fear of spoiling something. This one is truly a gem.

I will do a full review of the comic, with spoilers, once it is finished, but for now, I will just advise you all to not pass this one up!

I would recommend this comic to anyone looking for a story about people learning their own identities in junior high school, with a lot of diverse characters.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars

Winter Moon Review

Representative image

If you’ve played an mmo, you’re likely to have seen her. She comes to an in-game city, probably as a weaker class such as a healer, and asks men for help with a dungeon or for money. The guy “falls in love”, buys her anything she asks for, and then takes her through the dungeon. Then the girl leaves to the next city, effectively dumping him, in order to do the same thing.

The Winter Moon webcomic is basically a big “what if?” scenario. What if the girl was in the city and decided to try to hit on a powerful sorcerer, only to find out that he’s gay?

This story is absolutely hilarious, with a sassy and strong gay male lead and a female lead who is….well…she’s a hard one to pinpoint. She could be seen as weak for not playing the game by herself, instead relying on men to get her her stuff. But technically, by playing the part of the ditzy, cute, flirty blonde healer, she can become the richest person in the city in an instant. So does this make her weak, or in fact extremely strong?

If you do read this comic, be prepared for awesome PVP battles, gold digging, male strippers, deserts, drooling boys, and least importantly, actual MMO-like quests.

Overall Rating: 5/5