Mistletoe Kisses Review


Mistletoe KissesFor Officer Justin Weaver, Christmas is the most hideous time of the year. To improve his “holiday cheer,” he’s been put on Officer Kringle duty, collecting toys for the Ho-Ho-Patrol.

It’s a week in holiday hell.

Worse, it comes with an elf—his little sister’s gorgeous best friend—but Lilly Maddox isn’t so little anymore. And as an annoyingly festive reporter looking to make her mark, she’s there to document his every move.

Justin’s always had a thing for Lilly, but he refuses to go there with her. Ever. Not after watching what his mom went through as a cop’s wife. But now that they’re trapped in his squad car, avoiding her just got a lot more complicated…

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This was more of a Christmas read, but I am just getting around to it now!

This story is a very short romance novel taking place around Christmastime. The main thing is supposed to be that Lilly was Justin’s younger sister’s friend, but she went away at age 15 and they never really spoke again afterward. I had many issues with this sort of “hate-to-love” dynamic.

For starters, Justin had no reason to hate Lilly. She didn’t move after his dad died because she just had to escape the small town and get away from her best friend. Her parents thought that she was spending too much time with them and wanted her to focus on her studies, so they SENT her away. She did not choose to go away. Her friend literally forgave her! The school wanted her to focus and wouldn’t allow her to call home for the first few months. Justin says that she ran away so that she wouldn’t have to help her friends, but Lilly literally tried her best to go up against her parents in that situation. In the end, her parents are the authority, and they made the final decision for her. I don’t know how Justin just didn’t understand this.

Also, the story starts with Justin having some sort of PTSD from the war. I thought that this would be used throughout the story. Maybe he would be sad around Christmastime because he would be reminded of a Christmas he spent sadly while overseas. Maybe he would have a panic attack because of fireworks. But no. He’s just a jerk to everyone he meets. He treats everyone like he doesn’t have the ability to say a single kind word to anyone. This is not PTSD, this is just being a bit of an ass really. like if he said that he was emotionally detached because of anxiety or something that would have made sense, but he was just mean for no reason. It almost seemed like the story just wanted to make him “hotter” because he’s a military man instead of just doing the brother’s best friend trope, and then decided not to go all the way with it.

Besides these things, I did like Justin and Lilly in general. Maybe it was because they clearly had chemistry from the start of the novel? Maybe it was because of the sorta-cute Christmas storyline? I don’t know, but I didn’t completely hate them. I was happy when they found love with each other.

Overall, I would not recommend this Christmas romance, but if you just want to pass time with a cute short story, then this wouldn’t be the worst one to read.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 2 out of 5 books


Protecting the Wolf’s Mate (Blood Moon Brotherhood #3)


Protecting the Wolf's MateEllen has one goal: vengeance. With little memory of her life before her imprisonment by a maniacal werewolf, her world has been full of pain, humiliation, and fear. But now that she’s been rescued, her need for revenge is challenged by the urge to be part of a pack… and the unshakable connection to, Hollis, the man her wolf claims as their mate.

Hollis will do whatever it takes to protect his pack, and that includes looking after Ellen, who doesn’t need or want his help. He’s determined to keep her safe, even though she’s hell-bent on revenge, even if that means sacrificing himself. And it might come to that when the big bad comes back for the one woman he can’t live without.

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I loved Hollis and Ellen so much! Hollis is a wolf who can’t seem to shift, so he just gets sick every full moon. While others enjoy bonding with their wolves and learning how to fight for their pack, he spends most of his time just trying to figure out how to find a cure for the wolf infection.

Ellen used to be one of the Others, but she was basically born into it and had no way out. Now, she doesn’t have a pack and was only in Hollis’ to help Jessa, the Alpha’s mate, to have a baby. Since the baby is born, she wants to go back to the Others again to kill Cyrus and the ones who tortured her for years.

Ellen and Hollis are two of the most focused members of the pack. Hollis has dedicated his life to his cure, and Ellen has dedicated her life to getting revenge on those who hurt her. Ellen uses anger as a way to protect herself when she was with the Others, and Hollis just buries himself in data to protect himself from being ashamed of his wolf. Neither felt that they had time for love, and they wanted to deny the emotional connection that they had. Their friends knew but Hollis wanted to focus on his work and Ellen wanted to focus on her mission without getting connected to any members of the pack.

Hollis has been the pack member with the most fleshed out story for me so far. He tells Ellen about his home life before he became a wolf, and he even has a company outside of the pack. He seems like a person with real traits other than just being a wolf in this pack.

Ellen has the most unique story out of all of the characters. She was technically a member of the “villain’s” pack, but not by choice. She can give Hollis’ pack more in-depth information about how the Others work, telling them things that they would have never known about Cyrus.

Ellen and Hollis’ romance was pretty whirlwind. They had chemistry from start to end of the story. I thought that they were going to get together a lot faster than they did, but it still took a good portion of the book before they accepted the bond. We got to see more of each character’s backstory this way, and I actually enjoyed the wait more.

Overall, I loved this installment in the series. I can’t wait for the next one! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a new adult romance novel.

I received a copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 books


TBR Tuesday!

What have I recently read and have yet to review?

Grace and FuryWinter FlowersLoyalty/Betrayal (Aspects, #5)

I have been better at keeping up with my reviews this week! Either that, or I have just been reading a lot slower than I wanted to. Hopefully, I will be getting to more of my physical non-blog-tour ARCs soon. I am also almost done with my Netgalley backlog as well. Everything has been going fairly smoothly, and I just need to make sure I keep up this pace so that I can keep chipping away at the list.

What am I planning on reading next?\

Aru Shah and the End of Time (Pandava Quartet, #1)Web of Lies (Blood Bound, #3)Divine Fate: The Complete SeriesBring Me Their HeartsMayflyJilliand The Clock Flower

I also have quite a few more that I will be reading and reviewing this week, but I don’t want to make this post too long. I plan to have around 2 book reviews per day on this blog, meaning that on Tuesdays there will probably be three posts going up. This rate will mean that I can get through 84 books before summer ends for me. I am not sure if I will be able to constantly keep up this rate, but I sure hope so!

Any special news?

I just got a Kindle Fire! I was straining my eyes a lot to try to read books from authors that couldn’t send me physical copies on my phone, so I decided to splurge and buy myself the fire. I also go three months of Kindle Unlimited for 99 cents, and I have the Prime bookstore. Hopefully, this will allow me to get through books at a faster rate.


TBR Tuesday!

TBR Tuesday is something that I am starting. I liked to do Top Ten Tuesdays, but they would usually end up with me searching for books that I had never read. I might still do them from time to time, but I would much rather combine my WWW Wednesday post and Top Ten Tuesday post into a different type of update post.

What is TBR Tuesday? TBR stands for To Be Read, and To Be Reviewed. I currently have a lot of books that I have read, but haven’t gotten the chance to review. This will give you all the chance to see what is coming up in future days!

To Be Read


Bring Me Their Hearts



Love Forbidden (Abberant, #1)Benjamin Forrest and the School at the End of the World (Endinfinium Book 1)

So this is the majority of my TBR. The only reason why I put all of these on here is that I have actually started reading the majority of these, so I am going to be done with 90% of them by the end of this week. They are all pretty short and pretty interesting so it won’t be that much of a burden for me. There are also some review copies sent directly from authors that I want to get through, so I will be working on those and spotlighting them next week. I have a lot on my plate, but I was being serious when I said that I wanted to start the next school year with a clean slate book-wise.

Don’t think that I won’t be reading non-review copies during this time though! I still hope to maybe have the chance to get through the rest of the Harry Potter series sometime this summer. I am currently struggling to get through Goblet of Fire, it honestly feels like the longest book in the entire series. I know it’s not even close to being the longest one.

To Be Reviewed

Divided (Enlightened Book 2)Autumn's Doctor (Daughters of Samuel Fox Book 3)

Harry Moon: Professor Einstone (doesn’t have a cover yet!)

I thought that I had more books to be reviewed, but I actually have a few scheduled for this week as I worked through the stack on the weekend! These are the only three books that don’t have any kind of in-progress review. Oh, and I also have some reviews on the Online Book Club that I never got around to promoting on here so I will be doing that as well throughout the week. They just don’t count because the reviews are already completed.

I also have some reviews coming up soon on Online Book Club, so keep an eye out on my review page here.

Thanks for reading through!


Beyond the Green Review

Beyond the GreenThis book transports readers back to the late 1970s, where Indian/Native American children whose parents were not able to care for them were simply given as foster children to white families. Even if there were viable biological grandparents or aunts and uncles for the child, the government thought that it would be better to take them off of the reservation entirely. This meant that if the parents ever became able to reclaim the child as their own, they would essentially be ripping that child from the only family that they have ever known.

Britta’s family took in Dori when she was only 5 months old and has raised her for the past 4 years. Eleven-year-old Britta has become used to having two younger sisters, and they seem to all be perfect together. Dori’s birth mom was unable to take care of her because she was an alcoholic, but now she has gotten her life back together and wants to take her daughter home. Britta doesn’t think that Irene is going to be a good mother to Dori because she barely knows her and she used to be an alcoholic, what’s saying that she won’t fall back into old habits? Britta is determined not to let Irene into her or her sisters’ lives and will stop at nothing to save her baby sister.

This story truly revolves around the theme of family. Britta has known her family to include Dori, and her mother has always treated Dori as a third daughter. Dori was never a burden and never stood out to them as being “different”, yet she is the only one who has to leave her family and return to her “real mother”.

Even though Britta’s family would probably not think of themselves as being prejudiced, Britta is prejudiced to some extent towards Dori’s birth mother. She believes that since Dori’s mom is an alcoholic, she will always be a “drunken” Native American woman. She doesn’t think that she is worthy of having her angelic little sister. She has to work through this deep-set hatred she has for this new woman for taking her little sister away from her family.

This book has excellent character development and world-building. I didn’t even realize that the novel was supposed to be historical fiction until I got to certain parts of the story that dated themselves.

I believe that this book could be useful for preteens to read, especially if they have foster sisters and brothers who always have the chance of being called back to live with their birth parents. It teaches them how to work through their initial grief and help their younger sibling through the changes that they will have to go through after completely changing houses.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for an inspirational children’s book about foster families and dealing with change.

I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 5 stars

WWW Wednesday

I have a lot of Netgalley books to get through, simply because I had to request them for blog tours and then ended up DNF-ing them for the tour. Once I’m done with those, I will move onto advanced review copies of books that I also need to finish. Only after that will I be able to go back to reading more popular YA novels. Hopefully, by the end of July, I will be able to start with a clean slate.

What books are you currently reading?

Electric Impulse: Love, Life & Sex (Book One)The Sword Swallower and a Chico KidDangerous To Know (The Chronicles of Breed #1)

What books have you recently finished reading?

Chosen (Fighting Fate, #1)Beyond the Green

What books are you planning on reading next?

Bring Me Their HeartsThe Sinister SilhouetteLies & Secrets (Boston Latte #1)The Wedding Quilt Bride (Brides of Lost Creek #2)