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The Friend Request

By Charles Soto

Genre: Romance


Chase has it all. Owner of a successful business, social standing and respect, killer looks and not the fiancé of any man’s fantasy. His life is in control, just the way he planned; but everything is not as it appears. His brother, also his business partner and closest friend, is angrily rejected when he attempts to tell Chase the Truth. As Chase blindly races toward an empty future based on lies and deceit, his brother makes the dangerous decision to protect him.

Carly, a single and struggling mom, has always sacrificed personal happiness in an effort to protect her son. Lonely and stuck in a dead-end job, her life revolves around her special needs child; until the abusive father threatens to take him. Carly decides to take a chance on life and accept a friend request from her high school sweetheart. Can she let down her defenses and open her heart, or will the past cloud her future? Will a simple Facebook friend request bring Chase and Carly the happiness they so desperately desire, or will secrets from their past threaten to keep them apart … forever.

My Review: 

Out of all the second-chance romances that I have read, this is up there as one of my personal favorites. On Amazon, many people say that the book has many grammatical errors. However, the new Amazon version has be re-edited, and the story has actually been fleshed out!

I think the most confusing part of the story to me was about Chase’s company.  The governor of California accused him of trying to racially profile his employees. Chase never really denied or affirmed these allegations, so I could not tell if his character was actually in support of or against these policies. I just ended up ignoring that part of the story so that I would not become even more confused, and it wasn’t that hard to do so.

Other than that, the rest of the story flowed smoothly. This story emphasized the fact that sometimes people need to do some growing up before they find love. Chase was immature in high school, blaming Carly for an accident, and tried to turn the school against her on the basis of a lie. Carly was loving in high school, but they were not going to work out after the incident.

Chase thought that he would never be able to have a child, but with Caleb, he was able to have a son to call his own. This improved the story for me, seeing Chase and Caleb’s relationship grow. The romance was also so sweet, as they deal with their pain from past relationships and heal together. I do wish that Chase had cut things off with Heather completely before continuing his relationship with Carly, but I also understand that he was unable to do so. This was what made this second-chance romance successful, the love between Chase and Caleb and the personal growth of Carly and Chase’s relationship.

The pacing of this book is generally fast, even though it slows down at some points. There were no editing errors that I noticed, as this is again the updated version of the novel. The world-building is average, but it didn’t have to be that detailed since it is a contemporary novel.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of second-chance romances.

I received an advanced copy of this book and this is my voluntary review.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

257 Soto

Charles Soto is a moving and unconventional fiction author of Heartache & Sin, The friend Request, Pride and a Prayer and the ghostwriter of the Auto-Biography, Frias with Love (Where we come from, where we went).

Along with his diversity as an author and his capabilities of writing in a profound array of genres, his talents as a sculptor and expertise in the painting and decorating field has enabled him to supervise such projects as the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas, NV., Pantageous Theatre in Downtown Minneapolis, MN., as well as many more iconic Structures.

Charles Soto was born in Las Vegas NV., and throughout his childhood was raised in the Bay Area of Alameda County on the outskirts of San Francisco, CA. He now lives in Northern Minnesota with his wife of thirty years and their two daughters.

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