Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban Review

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After escaping from the Dursley’s during his horrible summer between his second and third years, Harry is ready to return to Hogwarts. However, he is in even more danger than he was the year prior. Now, a dangerous criminal named Sirius Black, who was locked up in the wizard prison Azkaban, has escaped and is now hunting down Harry. In order to search for Sirius, Dementors have been sent to Hogwarts. These creatures can suck the soul out of a person, but they leave a sense of loneliness and despair everywhere they go. Harry has to pass his classes, worry about not going to Hogsmeade due to his unsigned permission slip, hope Black doesn’t come to Hogwarts, and avoid the Dementors who seem to have their sights on him specifically.

This is definitely one of my favorite books in the series. I love the Hogwarts setting, and this took place all on the grounds of the school. I also enjoyed the action in the book, specifically closer to the end, as this was when I started seeing the characters grow. I loved how Hermione was shown to not be this perfect character in this book as she started to perform less than perfectly (due to reasons that are revealed at the end of the book). I always wanted to see her act normal instead of stuck up as she sometimes comes off as in the early books, and now she starts to really become like family to Harry and Ron.

Also, I enjoyed Hagrid teaching a class in this story. Harry greeting and riding Buckbeak was always a very vivid scene to me when I read this story. I also loved it when I saw the movie a few years ago.

Overall, this might be competing with my current favorite in the Harry Potter series, the Chamber of Secrets. I love the setting, pacing, and storyline.

Overall Rating: 6/5


My Neighbor Seki Volume 2 Review

My Neighbor Seki, Vol. 2

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In this volume, it is almost the same as the last. Seki schemes and fools around in class, and Yokoi is always distracted by him. However, this time, not all of their interactions occur in the classroom this book! Their class goes on a hiking trip and goes to the pool during their classtime. Yokoi also meets a new friend named Goto, and she believes that Yokoi and Seki are dating.

Goto made this entire book for me. I could relate so much to her shipping daydreams during class, and I loved the fact that there was a third character for some of the story.

Overall, this book kept its cute persona and the stories were never boring to me. I also was interested by Yokoi and Seki having more interaction, and less of Yokoi simply being a stalker in this book! I will keep reading this series, and I hope to be able to finish it very soon. It always cheers me up on a bad day, and I love all of the art throughout it.

Overall Rating: 6/5

My Neighbor Seki Volume 1 Review

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My Neighbor Seki is about a girl named Rumi Yokoi and her classmate Toshinari Seki who sits next to her in every single class. She is a very good student who pays attention in class and who never does anything wrong, but her neighbor Seki is the complete opposite. He is always creating elaborate scenes on his desk, and never pays attention, yet he never gets caught. Now, Yokoi wants to keep focusing on her studies, but she keeps getting distracted by Seki’s antics! When she tries to join in, Seki is never caught, but Yokoi is always caught. Yokoi doesn’t know what to do!

This is simply a very cute comedy story about a boy and a girl in class. It is relatable, because there is always that one person in class who always fools around but never gets in trouble for it. This was a quick read that cheered me up during a bad day this week, and I hope to be able to continue with the series in the next few days.

Overall Rating: 5/5


Lord of the Flies Review

Lord of the Flies by William Golding Paperback Book ...

A group of boys crash land on an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. All of these boys seem to be between the ages of 6-12, and they do not know what they are supposed to do without adults to guide them. Luckily, Ralph uses a conch shell to bring all the boys on the island to a central location, and he helps them formulate a plan. First things first, they need to make a fire to attract any passing planes or boats. Secondly, they need to find food and shelter. However, one boy named Jack wants to be able to hunt for pigs with his men, and slowly the boys start to turn surviving on an island into a game. First the game begins with hunting for a beast, but it ends with hunting for men.

I had to read this book for a summer project, but I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Throughout the novel, each boy had a certain personality that was expressed through all of his actions. This allowed me to look at young boys that I see on a day to day basis, and be able to see them in the novel. I noticed how this novel really delves into the discussion of whether evil is rooted in the heart of man, or whether it is created by age or by one’s surroundings. Even though this novel was used as an anti-World War II novel, it can still be applicable today.

This book could be classified as horror in the past, but now I found it more as an interesting adventure story rather than horror. So even if you dislike horror novels, I would still advise for you to read this novel, as it is pretty tame. If you enjoy adventure novels, definitely read this. If you want to read a book that talks about the real human brain and how it might work, this is also the novel for you.

Overall Rating: 5/5


Animal Farm Review


The book Animal Farm is a classic that many students have to read for school. However, besides having to watch the movie for an afterschool activity, I was never forced to do anything related to this book. Therefore, I decided to take it upon myself to read the book on my own time so that I would not miss out on being able to read such a great book.


All the animals in the book live on 1 farm that has a neglectful, alcoholic owner. Old  Major, a very old pig, holds meetings to lead the eventual rebellion against the farmer. He even makes laws for when it happens, so that the animals that run the farm do not become like the abusive humans. He dies. When the farmer goes a full day without feeding or taking care of the animals, they have had enough. THe animals storm the feed storage, and when the men come after them to drag them back to their pens they drive them out. Officially owning the farm, called Animal Farm, the birds fly to the other farms to spread the news and their anthem, Beasts of England.


The pigs decided that because they were easily learning how to read and write and because they were some of the more dexterous animals on the farm, that they would be the leaders. The pigs write the Animalism commandments on the barn door, and tell the animals what to do in order to keep the farm running smoothly. At first, everything seems to be going smoothly, and everyone is happy, but the pigs begin to take more and more goods for themselves and utilize control over the other animals’ lives, akin to the humans.


I enjoyed this book, not because of simply the political message, but also because of how it represents how different people actually react differently to independence. Some people, such as the horse Mollie, cannot imagine life without having someone over them to take care of them and reward them, even if the rewards are small. They are so set in their ways that they become physically upset when things change. Then there are people such as Boxer. Boxer wants to obey someone, as long as it is a person in power he feels that he or she deserves his respect. He will work himself in order to please the people in power, and does not expect a reward, simply seeing the people around him living comfortably is reward enough. Those two characters were the ones who stood out the most to me in the entire book.


I wish that there had been more of a conflict between the male and female members of the society. I feel that in a real rebellion of sorts, there would have been the mothers of the society being more worried about their children, and women on the farm most likely getting pregnant. Moreso, an interesting storyline would have been the female pigs being trapped with the male pigs constantly, but not able to make any decisions, only able to have more and more children, and leading a revolt of their own.


I love that George Orwell wrote books that are relatable and comprehensible, even though his works are over 70 years. I hope to read more of his works on this blog in the future.


Overall Rating: 4.5/5