Scales Review

Scales (a mermaid tale) by [Creeden, Pauline]

When I randomly found this book on my phone, I thought I was going to be in for a unique story with mermaids. Instead, I realized that this was the same book as “Caught in the Current” from the Sirens and Scales box set, except it was from Verona’s POV. This, however, was not bad.

Verona is a bottom feeder. She has been chosen to do the “Reckoning”. This means that she will have to venture to the surface to gather information for the clan and be viewed as a valuable member of the society. They beat her at the start, and she is not even sure if she will be able to survive the night, much less the journey to the surface. This is when a merman named Bailey comes to save her, albeit reluctantly, and nurses her back to health. Now she must decide whether to go up to the surface and complete the Reckoning or to continue to hide out under the sea.

I much preferred this book to the book in the Sirens and Scales box set. That one was in Bailey’s POV, and I just didn’t like him as a character. At some points, I just wanted him to go away and stop offering his “help”. Now, I could see that Verona was not as naive as I originally thought her to be. I liked her more, and I saw that she was not going to constantly put up with Bailey’s verbal abuse.

This prequel to Salt actually made me want to read the novel, just to find out more of what happens to Verona. Now that I know that Bailey will not be as included in that book, I am more inclined to read it. I wish that this story had been included in the Sirens and Scales box set, but I can understand that some people wanted a new book. Either way, I am glad that I was able to find this gem on my phone.

I received this book for free from Instafreebie in exchange for my honest review.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Stolen By the Sea Lord Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

Stolen By The Sea Lord (Lords of Atlantis #4)

Elan was a respected Lieutenant of the mer city Dragao Azul. He lost everything when his son was born, and his human wife was forced to travel to the surface. He was forced to become a general, and was separated from his son. Now he has escaped and wishes to reunite his family.

Zara nearly died when she was forced to the surface, and Elan broke her heart. Now, he has returned with her son, but she has already missed his first year and feels like a failure as a mother. Elan claims that Zara has a power that will save them, but Zara is not sure if she can even believe in herself anymore. At a time when mer-human partnerships are already shaky, it is up to them.

This book was one of the longest books in the Sirens and Scales boxset, but according to the Goodreads description, the paperback version is probably even longer. I wanted to enjoy this story, and I really wanted to like the characters. However, I could not bring myself to understand why Zara was so angry with Elan. He had done his best to come back and reunite their family, and he had even brought their son. He wanted to rekindle their relationship and this would have been a perfect time. Instead, Zara is simply angry that…I don’t even know…that he took too long?

The parts of the story that I did enjoy were mostly Zara bonding with her son, but other than that, it seemed confusing. I found myself getting angry at Zara rather than wanting her and Elan to succeed. I wouldn’t recommend this book in the set.

Overall Rating: 2/5

Books that I like in this set out of books that I have read: 2.5/5

Serial Killer Princess Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

Tulip hates being a princess, even though her mother is trying to do everything within her power to make her into a proper one. She would rather use her shifter skills to be able to evade the serial killers and kill them. As a black mamba snake, she is venomous, but her skills are put to better use in hiding from her enemies.

Tulip never wants to rule her mother’s mermaid kingdom, but her mother will stop at nothing. She is even falling for her father’s bodyguard, and he is tempting her to want to simply settle down like a regular person. Nevertheless, she always wants to be an assassin.

I think I am just done with the fantasy-comedy genre. I think I genuinely despise books where it is action adventure, but it is supposed to make you laugh out loud constantly while reading it. For some reason, when I read these kinds of books, it seems like many of those authors simply decide to replace plot with jokes. The only story that properly balanced fantasy with comedy, in my opinion, was the Percy Jackson series, but even that had some flaws for me. I didn’t really even understand in this story where Tulip met the bodyguard and started falling for him because I just could not find myself connecting to any of the characters within the story.

My least favorite part of the story was definitely Tulip herself. This reminded me of In Other Lands in a way. Some authors think that “sarcastic” main characters are fun, but both of these books just had main characters that either came off as bratty or mean. Tulip could have been a princess who completed her duties and then had a secret double life as an assassin. She could have been a rebel, and run away from home to be an assassin. However, she is neither, and so guards and bodyguards are constantly running after her as she runs away from her mother and father. I don’t even think there was a single character in this book that she didn’t “humorously” insult. Some might like this kind of main character, but  I thought that she was annoying.

Overall Rating: 1/5

The number of books in this box set that I have liked out of the number that I have read: 1.5/3

Caught in the Current Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

This story was the second book in the Sirens and Scales Box Set. Another mermaid story, I’m loving this box set so far!

Bailey has always been bullied in his life by his brother and by other mermaids that live near him. He has learned to cope with it and ignore the people for the most part, but he wishes that things were better. Verona, a bottom-feeder of the mermaid society, tried to befriend him when he was younger. Once she was named a bottom-feeder, Bailey tried to avoid her so that he wouldn’t be labeled the same thing. When Verona is exiled and whipped, told not to return until she ventured to the surface, Bailey knows that he has to save her.

I didn’t quite understand this story. I didn’t know what qualified people as a “bottom-feeder” in the mermaid society. Sometimes I felt that it might have just been chosen at random, but in the end, I decided to stop focusing on the details and instead just enjoy the story.

I also thought that Bailey was a bit cruel. Even when he chose to save Verona, he berated her and insulted her quite a bit. Verona was nice and just put up with it, but it had me thinking “If you wanted to save her, why are you acting so cruel now?”. The story says that he wasn’t saying what he actually felt, but it confused me.

Also, the ending of the story seemed disappointing, but at least it was a quick read.

Overall, I did enjoy that the mermaid society in this story wasn’t picture-perfect, but there were some flaws in the overall storyline that I couldn’t ignore. I am going to continue this box set as soon as possible, and I hope to see more mermaid stories!

Overall Rating: 2.5/5

The Mermaid’s Escape Review (Sirens and Scales Collection)

mermaid's escape

The Mermaid’s Escape is the first story in the Sirens and Scales box set that was released on January 2nd.

Coral is a princess of her grandfather’s kingdom. Her parents have passed away, and she is meant to marry her friend Kai. She wants to look forward to her marriage, but she knows that Kai will never love her because he is in love with her best friend Meribel. On her wedding day, she runs away to the surface, scared of spending the rest of her life chained to someone who she doesn’t love. She doesn’t know when she is going to return to the water, but she knows that she can only survive out of the water for 5 days. When a ship crashes, she saves 4 men from the ship. While they try to survive on the island, she decides to help them, and she finds herself falling for all four of them just like her mother fell for a human many years ago.

This was officially my first reverse harem story, and I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. The story wasn’t completely based on sex, but instead, it had many sweet moments as Coral built a friendship along with a relationship with the men. The addition of Coral being a mermaid simply added to the story. I was shocked that this was actually the first book of the series, and with such an exciting end to the story, I cannot wait for the rest of the books! I only hope that the next installment will come out soon.

I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a romance story with mermaids, even if they aren’t used to the reverse harem genre.

Overall Rating: 5/5