Unique Blogger Award!

Thank you so much for nominating me for this Bree @ In Love & Words! I love this blog because it is designed with such bright and airy colors. Also, if you want to find amazing book recommendations, you should definitely check her out. I find something new to read almost every time I go there!

The Unique Blogger Award


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  • Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  • Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

Bree’s Questions!

1. What are your favorite type of book blogger posts to read and why?

I really enjoy reading the Top Ten Tuesday or WWW Wednesday posts that people write. I just think that it really lets me know what types of books that they are into, and I can talk to the person about common books on our lists. It just makes for some really fun small talk with both new and older bloggers. I also like to search for book reviews on books that I have recently read in order to get other people’s opinions on the novel.

2. Who is one of your favorite main characters ever written and why? (And what book are they from?)

One of my favorite main characters ever written was Freya Snow from L.C. Mawson’s series by the same name. She was one of the first characters that Mawson ever wrote, but she was one of the best in my opinion. So many books have sprouted from her main storyline, as most of Mawson’s other fantasy series are connected to the Snowverse.

She is autistic, even though she was told for years that she wasn’t, and she sometimes struggles to get through situations that most people would consider to be “normal.” Nevertheless, she realizes in the first novel of the series that she is an Angel, and has to go fight Demons while still keeping up with her normal life.

Freya is open, even though many people have hurt her in the past. This openness allows her to make several really good friends as the series moved forward. She has grown from merely 14 to her early-to-mid twenties in the series and has gone through many changes due to her magical circumstances. She is also bisexual, which is touched upon a few times throughout the series.

I just really admire Freya’s strength and determination to help people. She barely lets anything get in her way. There are currently 11 books in the series currently, and I have read, reviewed, and loved every single one. I couldn’t recommend this series more! Here is a link to the list of the books: https://www.goodreads.com/series/212671-freya-snow

3. Do you like poetry? Do you like reading poetry on blogs?

I’m not gonna lie, I am not a superfan of poetry. 99% of the time, I can’t get into it. I follow a few poetry blogs though and check them out from time to time. I also really enjoy hearing poetry being read aloud.

My Nominees!

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My Questions

  1. What is the hardest part about blogging for you?
  2. What is the most inspiring character that you have met in a book, TV show, movie, or other creative media so far this year?
  3. What is your favorite artist/song/type of music to listen to while reading and/or blogging?


Unique Blogger Award!

I was nominated by JessicaMarie493 to do this! Thank you, I love getting awards/doing book tags!

The Rules

  1. Share the link of the blogger who has shown love to you by nominating you.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate 8-13 people for the same award.
  4. Ask them three questions.

My Questions

Current Favorite Song/Album?

This is super hard because so many songs/albums are coming out now. I am stuck between Paramore’s After Laughter and Harry Styles’s “Harry Styles” (yeah I know SUCH a unique name for an album XD). I just really like certain songs on there, for example “Hard Times”, “Told You So”, “Sign of the Times”, and more Harry Styles songs that I cannot remember the name of for the life of me. I wasn’t a Directioner, I didn’t dislike their songs but I didn’t particularly love them either, but I do like Harry as a solo artist.

Other hobbies besides reading and blogging?

I occasionally enjoy playing video games. Recently I have had to choose between playing games or reading as with school I have just not been able to make time to do both and actually make progress in either. I also like to knit and crochet, but gosh I haven’t done that in almost a year now, again due to time constraints. If I had no time constraints I would split my time giving 60% of my waking day to reading, 20% to making crafts while watching movies or TV shows, 10% to playing video games, and 10% to cooking delicious food and eating.

Favorite book you’ve read in 2017 so far?

I am going to alter this slightly to favorite book that I have read that came out in 2017, simply because I have read 55 books so far this year and have loved almost all of them. At least by limiting the year I can limit the number. My favorites that came out in 2017 are Geekerella, The Hate U Give, Flame in the Mist, and….yeah! That’s about it!

Questions for YOU!

  1. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 1 book series with you for the amount of time you would be stuck there, which book series would you bring? — For me I would definitely bring the Maximum Ride series. Simply because I need to reread it and what would be a better chance to do so than when on a deserted island?
  2. Who is your least favorite book character? — I don’t have a character right now that I just completely dislike.
  3. Who gave you your love for reading?—For me, my love for reading came from my parents who always encouraged me to read, even teaching me how to do so at 4 years old. Seeing my dad always reading made me want to copy him, and soon copying Dad just turned into doing my own thing.










Thanks for reading!