Freya Snow Hunt Review

Hunt (Freya Snow Book 1) by [Mawson, L.C.]

14 year old Freya Snow is a foster kid, and her 17 year old sister, albeit not biologically, Alice is an autistic foster child. Freya thinks that she might have autism as well, because she has many of the signs such as having extreme anxiety while in large crowds, and being overly emotional to situations others would describe as normal. However, because her sister is so obviously autistic, she feels that if she told anyone else that they would blame her for faking it to get more attention. The one person whom she mentioned it to did exactly that.

Now she is moving to a new foster home, away from her sister, and to a new school. Her new foster parents seem nice, and she wants to try to smile and communicate with them, but she is not quite sure if her point is getting across that she is happy with them. Finally, she gets to her new school. One of the girls at school starts to bother her, and so she runs into the bathroom to cry. But while she is in there, the faucets explode. Then, Amber comes to tell her what is really in her past, and how she can control her newfound magic.

This book was amazing. Personally, I have had many friends in real life ranging on all ends of the spectrum, from almost nothing showing anyone that they are autistic to nonverbal. This book shows how just because one person’s autism is manifested one way doesn’t mean that everyone else is nonautistic. And the woman who wrote this book, L.C. Mawson, is actually autistic herself. However, this doesn’t define her at all, because her books are just naturally amazing.

The character Freya is relate able to anyone. There is slight romance in the book, but it is the perfect amount and does not take over the story. Although Alice is a main character, she is not talked about as much in this book as I would have liked. Nevertheless, there are more books to come in this series, as this is just book 1 and book #9 is going to come out later this year. I now have books 1-6, given to me by L.C. Mawson herself through her reader’s list, and I am planning on catching up on the series as soon as humanly possible. It is amazing.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a series that has a sensible flow while reading, a lot of books in it, a strong female lead, a unique plotline, a reasonable amount of romance, and a lot of fun action scenes.

Overall Rating: 6/5

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